These Are The Sanganos!!!


Like everything about our site, its a work in progress and we're slowly making this a site for
a band on its way and less like a bunch of well... Sanganos!!!

Thank you for your patience and support for so long, the band is slowly coming into its own!!!

Stay tuned!

--   The Sanganos

  "Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your starting Sangano lineup!"

Dave Padilla lead vocals, lyrics
Alfonso Morales rhythm gutar andbacking vocals
Gabe Sandino lead guitar and backing vocals
Steven Pitsenbarger saxophone (alto,tenor) and backing vocals
Enrique "O.S." Padilla congos,bongos, comic relief
Ed Meares drums
Mark Brewster bass
Marvin "The Martian" timbales
John Reafleng publicist/pimp


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