All The News That's Fit To Print From The Sanganos!!




Oh so close everyone!  So, so close!    The master is in the duplication facility and it should be a matter of one or two days now.

For the immediate future the CD will be sold directly from the website (at the least orders will be placed from the website).


Thanks for your continuing patience Sangano fans!   







Ok, so it’s been a while – quite a while.  A lot has transpired since our last update.   Some key personnel

have left the Bay Area and consequently Sangano.   Alfonso Morales became a father in 2003 and moved to Los Angeles.

Mark Brewster also left for the Los Angeles area in late 2002.   Although the remaining members found better than

adequate replacements, the band – in it’s current line up – decided to stop playing.


Since then some very dedicated individuals have persevered to finish what was started in the fall of 2002.   Because of their

efforts, this announcement is possible.    LAST CALL is just about ready!  The art work is done, the mixing is done, the mastering

is done and it’s just the CD to be duplicated in volume. 


Almost 2 years in the making!  This wouldn’t be possible without the time and effort of Jeff Needham, Scrappi and especially Ed Meares  - for being the glue for all the disparate Sangano pieces.   Many, many, many thanks to you all!!


And thanks to you die hard Sangano fans, it’s been quite a long haul.   Please stay tuned for more details once the CD is ready!





page last updated  12/07/2004